…"We received the DVD's thank you…. Very factual, informative, and one can almost smell the wood burning fire and maple syrup as it boils!  The children are absolutely adorable and articulate, and the quality of the production is extremely professional!  Well done, I know the DVD's are going to become a 'staple' in our school DVD collection for showing this time of year and what a wonderful legacy as well to leave to your children and the Island…. The four I've ordered thus far have been a huge hit at the two schools I purchased them for and I would love for each of our schools in H______ to be able to share the experience. It's certainly become our "go-to" video at the two schools I'm at, as basically right now we don't have a DVD on maple syrup production and there are none insofar as I know that are Canadian-made. Too, the teachers commented favourably on the family aspect of the activities and the respect shown towards one another, something we're trying to foster in the next generation." - Teacher - C. Fort, ON, Canada 

"The video of the maple syrup production was just great.  A lot of our family was here recently and we watched it together.  Great acting and nicely put together." - H. Stockburger, AB, Canada

"...Here are some shots of the evaporator.  Thanks for all the tips, you have been a great help and a great inspiration...."  - Backyard maple syrup producer, J. Osborne, NB, Canada

 "As recent graduates of the "Sap to Syrup" school of Mapleology we wanted to report our first production of 3 litres of pure maple syrup. Thank you for your video that helped us in method and in encouragement. As you can see our boiling methods are fairly rudimentary. The cinter block burner proved to be the best and we did all of the boiling on that with preheating on the wood stove and the propane burner of the Bar BQ. We had a great time yesterday and we all smelled like smoke but the sweet product was worth it. We now have 20 trees tapped and today we gathered another 50+ liters of sap since yesterday and will stockpile until our next boiling Saturday..."
 - Backyard maple syrup producer, J. Osborne, NB, Canada

"We loved it! Everyone was fully drawn in... even our toddler! Thanks for sending it along, and congratulations on the film festival acceptance." - Backyard maple syrup producer - M. Mann, PEI, Canada

"I just watched your documentary and really liked it. You did a great job. It's entertaining, gives a good overview of making syrup and is not too long. Good music selection, too." B. Owen, TN, USA

"I just wanted to say that when I watched the DVD I was blown away, it was really amazing 
and so professionally done." - P. Muller

"We just watched it together as a family and enjoyed every minute of it!!  You did an excellent job and we can't wait to see how it does at the film festival!!!  It is definitely a favourite of ours regardless how it does there!!!" - Neufeld Family, BC, Canada

"So enjoyed the DVD and it was well done by all. A lot of work put into it." - J. Wood, South Africa

"We watched the film the other night, and really enjoyed it... I was commenting to the family about how well it was done.  Obviously my opinion is shared by others!" - D. James, BC, Canada

"It was such a blessing to see your family...  I've got a feeling that this won't be the last Wood production.  Looking forward to seeing more from you guys.  We watched every bit of the DVD... left us wanting more." - S. Patrick, Australia

"The enchanting and informative DVD arrived and has been played.  We sat with great smiles of appreciation on our happy faces..." - Mr & Mrs Cook, BC, Canada

"Great job guys enjoyed your Sap to Syrup documentary, keep them coming! What a joyful celebration of  God's  wonderful provision!  So enjoyed seeing the whole family's participation! Loved the part when everyone is seen collecting the sap in the forest. Excellent script and videography! Well done everyone!" - B & J Jones